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Advanced Material Analytics LLC (AMA), is a research and manufacturing firm, focused in developing scientific analytical equipment, that are used for testing “materials/products” for characteristic properties like porosity, pore-size measurement, permeability, air flow resistance for acoustic materials, water vapor transmission rate and similar characteristics properties. To understand the performance of any materials, the knowledge of the structure & characteristics of pores of any material is crucial.

AMA is continuously improving its accuracy & reproducibility to provide a cutting edge testing equipment. We offer a wide range of products and technologies to test materials with testing condition as close as the real-life application. From multiple test capabilities for high production facilities to 3-dimensional test capability to integrating complex statistical analytics tools, our innovative and unique solutions have been assisting industry to solve their existing & upcoming challenges . When investing in AMA’s measurement products and solutions - you are receiving the best technology, reliability and service in the business.

Why Choose AMA?

We work hard to provide advanced & innovative solutions!

The factor that distinguishes Advanced Material Analytics from other companies is that we provide advanced & innovative solutions that are not just designed to meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

We understand that there is no "one size fits all" solution to the types of products that you need, which is why we have developed products that provide easy to use features for our end users…..globally.This is coupled with an advanced software control programs to remove unnecessary delays, complexities that have made them difficult to use in the past.

The products offered by Advanced Material Analytics are specifically designed based on the current needs of industries. When those needs invariably change in the future, we'll redesign our product offerings yet again to keep up with the times.

AMA is for you if...

  • Your data acquisition system has been fair for a while, but isn’t meeting your expectations
  • Data accuracy is of paramount importance to you
  • You require an instrument to negate a fast paced production. (Ask about our 24/7 workstation)
  • You suspect that your product’s testing process would make more sense if the product being tested is subjected to real-life working conditions
  • Your management wants to see a clear demonstration of ROI before committing to further research investment
  • You want to automated & easy-to-use, software control program
  • And simply, if you need a partner that is as passionate as you, about continuous improvement. Let us hold your hands through your journey

Our Application



You can thoroughly and accurately test your materials/products for characteristic properties like porosity, permeability, airflow resistance, water vapor transmission rate and failure analysis more.

As important as it is that our products are easy to use, it is equally important that you understand that they're designed for accuracy above all else.

At AMA, our continual search for superior innovation for automated assembly equipment has led us into wide range of industries. Explore some of our previous projects to see how you can benefit from their experience on your next project.

  • Ama Gas Pro (Measurements of Gas Permeability)
  • AMA C522 ( Measurement of Acoustic Airflow Resistance )
  • AMA PermPro (Measurements of fluid permeability)
  • AMA BPT (Measurements of bubble point / largest pore /leak / defect)
  • AMA PorePro (Measurements of Pore size distribution)
  • AMA MoisturePro (Measurements of moisture transmission rate)
  • AMA Pycnometer (Measurements of true density)
  • AMA BurstPro (Measurements of material Burst Pressure )

AMA Labs

The Advanced Material Analytics laboratory (AMA-Labs) is a research facility that provides analytical testing services & technical support for material characterization, analysis, and device processing for material research.

  • Electron Microscopy Suite
  • X-Ray Diffraction Suite
  • Surface Analysis Suite
  • Non Destructive Testing Suite
  • Thermal Analysis Suite
  • Optical Microscopy Suite
  • Pore Measurement Suite
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